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Take a Hike with Basecamp Fitness

Take a Hike

Every other Saturday through September Basecamp Fitness will be hosting trail exploration adventures in the spirit of community. We will feature a different hike each outing to showcase some of the best adventures in the Seato Sky corridor. Sure you could hike by yourself – but where is the fun in that? You don’t need to be super fit- all you need is a social attitude and the desire to explore and to have fun. We wait for everyone and encourage you along the way. This group is designed to get people out to places on foot that they might never otherwise know existed. We are about exploring places, not races. You might make some new friends along the way, and you might and pick up some trail running ninja tips from the Basecamp coaches.  Watch our Facebook page for updates on the weekly route, and for select dates for longer adventures!

What you need to bring to have a great experience:

Trail Runners.

Hydration System.


Dry Fit Tech Wear.

Dry Clothes for the Social.

Money for Post Run Refreshments.

Saturday Hike Group

Your Leader


Rebecca Warren

Runner, cyclist, mother of 2 and yoga fitness specialist at Basecamp Fitness.

  • 35
  • 125 LBS

Event Hours(1)

  • Saturday

    09.00 - 03.30

    Start time & location vary each time