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Indoor Biking

Our 2014/2015 Indoor Bike Schedule

And so it begins on Tuesday Dec 16th – PREPARE TO SUFFER!

You must reserve your spot in advance – contact us- info@basecampfit.ca to reserve your seat in the theatre of pain

BCF Spin Class Poster


A cycling lab like no other

Our commitment to cycling the globe does not end when the snow flies. We take indoor cycling and make it fun again! Our set schedule of indoor training sessions runs from October through March, and they will keep your fitness and your skills sharp for our spring and winter cycling road trips. You can expect a mix of suffering, camaraderie, and education as we teach basic technique skills and all kinds of  drills to round out your on bike fitness. Yes we have Keiser spin bikes but we are firm believers in training on your own bike – it is after all, what you will be riding when the wheels hit the ground. Bring your own indoor trainer or reserve one our Lemond Direct Drive spinners if a Keiser is not available.

Exciting updates. David

We are really excited about securing the license to offer the Sufferfest indoor cycling series. We will be one of the first facilities in Western Canada to offer this interactive media based training software experience. You can expect numerous contests and tours all winter – yes there will be a whole lot of sweat and suffering. Indoor cycling will never be the same again.  Be sure to check out set schedule of classes to get in on the action – stay tuned for our launch date!

This year we are bringing in the Lemond Revolution direct drive indoor trainer. You remove the rear wheel of the bike and mount the frame of your bike to the axle of the trainer. The chain gets attached to a cassette on the driver of the spinner  – no more trashed tires and much less stress on your precious carbon frames! the end result is a much more realistic road feel while you ride indoors. Teams like Garmin, Optimum, and Rapha are using this technology to enhance there training so we just had to bring it to you!

A true power based training experience.

Do you Wahoo? Now you can experience what is like to train with a true power based program tailored your personal profile. We will be offering privately coached, personal power training sessions on the Wahoo Kicker. This direct drive indoor trainer is the future of indoor cycling. It integrates with numerous third party software platforms like Trainer Road, Kinomap, and Veloreality to name a few. Its accurate load generator also makes dialling in wattage based intervals a snap. You can ride almost any course in the world without leaving the confines of our studio! All this is powered by a tablet or a smart phone – which we provide. Now you can train like the pros (check out what Team Sky is using!) without the expense of investing in a power meter set up for your bike.

We will be offering power testing and program design for cyclists of all levels. Or you can book in for a privately coached power based workout, or even test drive a world famous climb like Mt Ventoux. There are no limits to the applications of this amazing new training tool.

Contact us now to book your own personal tour of what the Wahoo Kicker can do for your cycling game.