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2131 Lake Placid Road, Whistler, B.C. Canada

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Years of Experience

We know the industry inside out. After this many years we know what works and what does not.

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Happy Customers

Over 800 people have trusted us to help them surpass their health fitness goals since we opened our doors 5 years ago. Find out why they chose Basecamp Fitness

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Goals Crushed

And we are still counting everyday. Believe that you can achieve - you can see it in action here daily.


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Maximum Durability & Longevity


Joey Houssain






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Durability & Longevity

In our studio 60 is the new 30. The secret? Our constantly varied, multi modal, high intensity, functional movement based sessions that are never boring. We take the guess work out of becoming bullet proof and injury free.


Event Coaching

We have the experience and the knowledge to prepare you for challenges that take you beyond the walls of our studio. It does not matter if it is your first Gran Fondo or a PR on a 5 km or a 50 km trail race. We can get you there.



Are you struggling to get back in the game with a nagging injury and endless physio appointments? We can help you bridge that gap and improve your fitness at the same time. There is a reason our local physios trust us - our kinesiologists are movement specialists.


Healthy Living

We get it - change is difficult. Our team lives our 'Because you can' philosophy. If you are looking to make some major lifestyle changes in a supportive, social environment we have you covered. Looking and feeling better has never been easier.

Get Your Sweat On


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Rebecca Warren

Owner, Co Founder

Goal Crusher


Mark Coates

Owner, Co Founder

Goal Crusher


David Vavrik

Czech Master

Goal Crusher


Kayla Jones

TKO Specialist

Goal Crusher

Master Your Macros

Redefine Yourself

Mastering your nutrition is the key to unlocking the body composition goals that you are working so hard to achieve. Do you even know your macros? What the hell is a “macro”?!? Don’t worry you are not alone – but why let all the blood sweat, and tears go to waste? A solid training plan will not give you the results you seek without a powerful eating plan to support it.

At Basecamp we believe in fine tuning macro targets based on somatotype for anyone who is looking to optimize their body comp. Everyone and every body type has a slightly different physiology when it comes to processing carbs, protein , and fat. Once you figure out the correct ratio of these nutrients that you should be eating you just have to prep meals to match these ratios for the win! Find out how to manage your intake with Myfitness Pal, and how you can simplify this process to using the palm of your hand to build your meals.

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member stories

I'll Never Be Able to Quit

I chose Basecamp Fitness because I had been hearing such great things about them from my friends. I am not a 'gym' person and it was a big deal for me to join one. I was nervous! That feeling disappeared during my very first session. The Basecamp team and it's members made me feel welcome and at ease. Over the past year I have gained so much strength and confidence. Aches and pains that used to plague me after skiing and mountain biking have disappeared! The Team at Basecamp has somehow unlocked my secret competitiveness.... Now I'll never be able to quit! Thanks Guys!

Sara Aldrige

Business Owner

Amazing Programming

When I retired after 20 plus years behind a desk I knew that I needed to get back to being in shape - although round is a shape it was no longer an option. Mark and his team of trainers are amazing at keeping it interesting and focused. I have never looked back and it is key to my ongoing health and fitness program these past three years.

Bill Barratt

Retired CAO for RMOW

Strongest Grandma in the World

Basecamp has been so much a part of my life for the last 3 years. 3 mornings a week I am a lucky lady to train with these amazing people. When I arrive, they all call out “Hi Lynne” every time! I am the grandma of 10 and I tell them that I am the strongest grandma in the world, and it’s because of my trainers at Basecamp. These kids can feel my muscles and so can I. Thanks to Mark and Rebecca for tailoring my workouts for my age and my abilities and thank you Sherry Baker for being my partner 3 days a week.

Lynne Venner

Realtor WREC

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2131 Lake Placid Road, Whistler

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