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Functional Movement & TPI Screening

An experience specific to YOUR needs :: Functional Movement Screening

The Basecamp Fitness team prides itself on being leaders in the industry and on getting our customers the results that they are looking for and more.  Every member of our team is FMS level 1 and 2 certified. FMS – Functional Movement Systems is a systematic movement screening used to assess basic movement patterns for asymmetries and limitations in mobility and stability. This tool allows us to reliably evaluate movement quality and to determine exactly where to start with every customer BEFORE we step on the training floor.  It also allows for better collaboration between our training staff and rehabilitation professionals so that we can optimize your recovery and your performance. The end result is decreased incidence of injury, improved durability in the activities that you love, and bigger improvements in athletic performance. This approach is truly bridging the gap between training coaches and rehabilitation professionals – we are proud to be at the leading edge of our industry. 

FMS screening for everyone – let one of our highly trained coaches take you through a detailed screen to find out what is holding you back from recovery and peak performance

  • $125 plus taxes for a 1 hour screen & corrective exercise program
  • $75  plus taxes for retests after your initial screen
  • To book contact us – info@basecampfit.ca or 604-966-5720


Titleist Performance Institute Golf Performance Screening :: My TPIpro 

Ever wondered why there has been a shift to a more physical, athletic golfer in professional golf? The answer is simple – all swing faults have an underlying mobility or stability issue as a physical limitation. Screen for the stability o mobility problem, work it out with targeted approach in the gym – get more power and better control of your swing.  A golf pro will teach you how to compensate your swing to get around these limitations. We identify the problem and then correct it. This is a very powerful formula for improving your golf game, especially when this secret knowledge is shared with your golf pro.

This screening was once only available to all of the top touring professionals – now you can get it right here at Basecamp Fitness in Whistler. Mark Coates is a Level 1 TPI Golf Fitness Professional.  He was one of the first TPI certified fitness pros in Western Canada, and he has worked with many top pros and members  in the lower mainland’s  Marine Drive and Point Grey Golf clubs. If you are looking to gain an edge in your game this is the ticket.

  • $150 plus taxes  for a 1 hr TPI Golf Fitness Screen & corrective exercises program
  • $74 plus taxes for retests after your initial screen
  • To book contact us – info@basecampfit.ca or 604-966-5720