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2131 Lake Placid Road, Whistler, B.C. Canada

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Personal Training


unnamed-7A word of caution – this place could change your life forever…

We believe that we have the best professional training coaches that you will find anywhere. Everyone on our team has a passion for the great outdoors, and for inspiring others by living our “Because you can” philosophy. We offer high end, professional  1 on 1 personal training from FMS certified Kinesiologists. You can train solo with your coach our share the experience in a doubles format with a friend or a family member. It does not matter if your goal is injury rehabilitation, weight loss, muscle building, sports performance, or preparing for your next event – we have all the systems and the people to get you there. But we also take a step further – we have an entire health care team of physical therapists, chiropractors, stretch therapists, doctors and nutritionists working in alliance to support your personal transformation. We strive to make every visit to our facility an experience.

Our high end, boutique studio offers a bright and energetic atmosphere with what we believe is the best view of any gym. If the Olympic rings and and the stunning backdrop of Whistler mountain are not enough to inspire you don’t worry – our weekly fitness challenges and outdoor adventures definitely will.  Don’t expect to be stuck in a gym here – we take it outside ever chance that we get. We showcase the best local outdoor adventures on a regular basis- we live the dream! Whistler is an epicentre for outdoor recreation – we have the best road cycling, mountain biking, hiking, trail running, nordic skiing, snowshoeing, stand up paddle boarding, and kayaking – right outside the front door of our facility. This is a dream destination for every activity imaginable and it could quite possibly be the fittest place on earth.

We also love road trips– our annual global event schedule means that there will always be another adventure to prepare for. Our passion for seeking out new challenges in all corners of the globe keeps things fresh. With custom programming and clinics to get you ready for the journey you will be ready to tackle anything imaginable.  There truly is never a dull moment here – you will never look at a gym in the same way again!

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