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What’s Happening at Basecamp

Exciting New Basecamp Facility Updates!

In an effort to continually take our facility and our training to the next level we completed phase 2 of our new flooring project. The studio now features a

  1. 46 x 12 ft pro grade indoor turf strip for dynamic floor work!
  2. Rubber interlock flooring under the pull up rig
  3. Rubber interlock flooring under the dumbbell racks


This means a much softer feel underfoot and better joint protection during exercise. It will also bring some serious new resistance sled workouts! The sound has been significantly deadened in the room now so our hotel guests on the first floor will barely know we are there. Consequently the music sounds much better with less bouncing off the walls in all directions. The facility has a very edgy and professional grade look – be sure to check it out.